28 Dec 2010

Words fail me today

In the race to become the most dotish person in TnT, we normally had persons like Tattoo, Jerry Narace, P**rick, Hunt, McDonald and others of similar ilk. Enter one previously unknown Farid Hinds. If you are wondering who Hinds  is, wonder no more. Hinds is/was purportedly a ‘minister’ in the Mystery of Tourism, Tobago… ooops, Ministry.

Previously there was a Farid Hinds who was a ‘Fleet Logistics Manager’ at the NWRHA in 2008 and appointed to the Board of the Tourism Development Company (TDC). Same person? I believe it most likely.

The reason Farid is in the running stems from a series of emails exchanged with the Greens -  the English couple who were attacked, chopped and robbed while in Tobago. For brevity, I shall only post Farid’s emails, and point out a few obvious errors.

Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 12:35:09

From: Farid Hinds

To: Martin Green

The government will not purchase the property, You'll would have to consider selling it to someone. The compensation I am still trying to work out, due to the Christmas season everyone is busy. will let u know by weekend via phone. Give my regards to your parents for me.

From: Farid Hinds

To: Martin Green

I hope everything is Ok with yourself and your parents. I will need to get the invoices for the stuff if possible.

From: Farid Hinds

Hi Martin,

i received the email that was very nice of your parents. I is very much appreciated by the minister and the people of Trinidad and Tobago. I am trying 2 work out a deal for you'll on the house and land. Give my regards 2 your aunt and parents.

I really am speechless on this one.