19 Dec 2010

The World’s worst (s)crew..

Not only had it been the world's worst screw, it had also been violent.” – this is how an anonymised Miss A described sex with Julian Assange – as The Guardian 2010-12-17 disclosed unauthorised material held by the police in  Stockholm. (for further background see: BBC Q&A on arrest of AssangeThe accusations against Assange and Thermonuclear War Looms).

Amazingly in Sweden a man can be convicted of ‘minor rape’. See more in Mox News Video below

From Mox News

And see below how a soldier gives account of how they were given orders to ‘screw’. This is gruesome. If you can’t wait, fast-forward to 10:20 in the video – yes this is the soldier who was at ground level recounting what was happening, with the children! I say no more watch the video.

A scene of carnage and evil.

See the case against Assange by the great USA, in the making below – the power of a whole State against one man: