2 Jan 2011


2011. A new year. I’ve always wondered what that signified. I mean, did the earth pause in its journey around the sun so we’d know it was a ‘new year’? I think not. It’s business as usual, no change really in the grand scheme of things.

Business as usual in more ways than one. The murders and road deaths continue without abatement. In fact, if anything is to go by, there’s going to be a bumper crop Death will be reaping this year. Pity I am no artist as I am sure the image of the New Year is not the baby with the rattle, but a baby crawling along dragging a scythe behind. Or perhaps coming along empty-handed to collect the scythe from the Old Man (representing the Old Year) with the speech bubble saying “I bet I can beat your score, you old fart!”

If God existed outside the minds of the deluded, then I am sure ‘S/He’ would have done something to help. After all, we have murders, rapes, chopping, sex with minors, and all manner of ‘sins’. How could ‘S/He’ turn a blind eye to ‘Her/His’ children? Doh worry. Offer plenty masses, prayers, pujas and prasad and continue to bury your heads.