23 Jan 2011

Another cool IT tip - GET Spypig

Well this is a neat little one. Like with most webmail – and unlike email sent by Outlook etc. – you may find difficulty knowing whether your email has been received by the other person. That’s just the nature of webmail. I don’t propose to go further into that.

SPYPIG to the rescue. Jumbie and I tried it out and it works. But it won’t work if you’re sending just a plain-text email.

Basically you enter your email address at SPYPIG and create an image which you will copy and paste into your webmail. Then you send your email as usual. When the other person receives the email SPYPIG will automatically trigger a response to you by email that your email has been opened. How simple is that.

This is also an interesting way of tracking whether some idiot decides to copy your email to several others. If you’re paranoid, don’t have a proper firewall or virus shield, or have lots of porn on your computer – don’t try this.Sarcastic smile

If you’re not paranoid and have nothing to hide see how the the system works here: SPYPIG requirements and limitations.