23 Jan 2011

The CV revealed

Below is a copy of Reshmi Usha Ramnarine's resume as per 2007 [sent in by a reader].

Long term objective: to be a highly skilled professional GIS Manager with intentions to pursue a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems Management. Also, I am carded to begin a Bsc. Geography and the Environment (London) in September 2007. I am an ambitious professional with a well-rounded repertoire of hands-on skills to draw from.

As a short term objective I continue to be a highly motivated and skilled Technical Operator aiming to seek eventually, a challenging management position with a technologically driven organization. I am interested in a position that will enable me to combine my four and a half years of experience at Research Associates of Trinidad and Tobago with my expertise in PC-based, hands-on technical support, database interaction and networking fundamentals. I have over 3 years experience working with databases and compiling and streamlining information for further processing.

My greatest asset is my ability to use effective problem solving skills, creativity and innovative thought processes. My past experience with both corporate and government-based environments gives me a well-rounded repertoire of personal knowledge to draw from.


01 June 2002 - Present

Research Associates of Trinidad and Tobago

Technical Operator III - Three Year Contract Position

Acquiring and streamlining data for compilation into centralized database

Concise report writing of acquired intelligence for sole purpose to be used by other elements of the organization

Worked directly with wireless network management and mobile data providers, also GPRS data transfer

Interacted with peer teams of 1-5 personnel to accomplish short and long term projects in accordance with guidance from management, project requirements and target objectives

Communicate effectively with peers, superiors and subordinates to ensure management intent, compliance with project directives and overall success of the project

Document and track the status of projects milestones, challenges, and alternative resolutions to provide management with useful and accurate operational data

January 2001 – January 2002

Ministry of Labour, Manpower Development & Industrial Relations

I.T. Support Technician, Data Entry Coordinator – One Year Contract Position

I.T. Support Technician assisting a team of data entry operators providing support for Officials and Employment and Training employees, both local and remote site users in a Windows NT4.0/2000 multi-domain Mixed Mode Network utilizing Remedy Action Request System for Trouble Ticket Management. Hands-on daily tasks include:

• MS Outlook 97/2000/2002 MS Exchange Server configuration, trouble-shooting and on-site user training

• Support and configure the full MS Office 97/2000/2002 Office Suite

• Support and configure Visio Standard, Technical and Enterprise Editions

• Support and configure MS Project 2000

• Install and configure Dell desktop and laptop PCs using Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 SP6a , 2000 Professional SP2 , and NT4.0 Server operating systems via direct installation and by using PQDI and Norton Ghost

November 1999 – December 2000

Ministry of Local Government

Data Entry Operator

Management of local database and entering of data with reference to local available human resources

July 1999 – November 1999

Buccaneer Enterprises & Co. Ltd

Data Entry Operator

Management of local database and entering of data with reference to the business of the exportation department


April 4th 2005 – May 12th 2006 University of the West Indies – Technical Training Unit

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (M.C.S.E.)

Managing a Server 2003 Environment 70-290

Installing and Configuring XP Professional 70-270

Implementing Exchange Server 2003 70-284

Planning a Server 2003 Network Infrastructure 70-293

Implementing a Server 2003 Network Infrastructure 70-291

Planning a Server 2003 Active Directory 70-294

Designing Security for Server 2003 70-298

American Computers & Electronics

P.C. repair & Maintenance

A+ Certification

BorderCom International

Windows NT Server Administration

Windows 2000 Professional

Microsoft Office User Specialist

University of the West Indies – School of Continuing Studies

Form Six School (1998-1999)

Northeastern College

8 O’ Levels

English Language I

English Literature I

Principles of Business I

Mathematics II

Caribbean History II

Biology II

Geography II

Economics C

3 A’ Levels

General Paper C

Sociology E

English E


• Ms. Sashi Indarsingh LLB (Hons.)

• Mr. Nigel Manmohan

• Ms. Candice Parmassar

• Mr. Richard Cash

Keep in mind two things though.

  • This is a copy of her CV as it circulated in 2007. In the interim till now, it is possible (though improbable) that she really did complete a degree.
  • Also keep in mind that even with the 2007 CV, there are major inconsistencies in the actual employment history and experience with what was revealed in Parliament.

One more point: No where have I read that Ms Ramnarine has claimed to be more qualified than she is! Get that right. All claims of this nature came from the Ministers and Parliament members of the PP.

The latest news is that Reshmi Ramnarine has resigned.