24 Jan 2011

Death isn’t sexy

After I read the headline in this story, something did not quite make sense. After reading the entire article, I realised that quite a few things are out of whack.

    First, what is a 15 years old schoolgirl doing in an after hours fete? With a 24 years old man?
    Why is a 15 years old school girl out on a Sunday night, with school on a Monday morning at 8:00 AM?
    Why is that schoolgirl going home at 4:30 AM?
    Did the man only go home to feed the dogs, or help himself to some schoolgirl action too?
    Why is he keeping pit bulls when they are banned by the Dangerous Dogs Act?
    When will the President take his thumb out of his arse and proclaim the 10 years old Act?
    Why did this girl’s parents and/or guardians allow her out at that time?
    If, as is most likely, the man was having sexual relations with a 15 years old, isn’t that statutory rape??
    How long was this relationship going on?
    Did her parents/guardians condone a sexual or other relationship?

This case has more questions than answers, and even in the investigation to come by Trini police dunceys, not all will be answered.

Doesn’t this bring back memories of the incident with Danah Alleyne? Did no one learn from that?