29 Jan 2011

Ecstatic about Anton Cosmo’s music

From SGS to Anton’s music. Anton Cosmo is the new face on the block! And the Cap has gone ecstatic again.

He is the son of Fran Cosmo former singer of the band "BOSTON". Throughout his life, it seemed he always had a guitar in hand. A self-taught musician, this was a common bond between him and his father.


A Beautiful Chaos by Anton Cosmo

From his website:

Anton Cosmo made his live debut with legendary supergroup Boston at the Fiesta Bowl in 2002 and toured with them until 2004. His writing credits include three songs placed on Boston's latest album "Corporate America" (Artemis Records). Anton's song "Turn It Off" was featured in a national campaign that kicked off Launch.com (Yahoo!) in 2003. In 2006 Anton wrote and produced the debut album "Alien," for the band Cosmo on Frontiers Records, which features his father Fran Cosmo on vocals. It was hailed as one of the best melodic rock records of 2006.”

Did you get that? Boston!!! Yeah.. Boston, man – who made ‘More than a Feeling”.

And when you take in Anton Cosmo’s songs you can get a ‘scent’ of Boston in there but it’s refreshingly different. I’m just crazy about this guy’s music – really – been playing the whole album non-stop for the last 4 hours!!! Yep – I’ve been called intense – and I like it! Live life to the max!!