23 Jan 2011

Even Haiti better than Trinidad

Remember back in March 2010 Calder Hart suddenly resigned from ALL State positions held, and flew (skipped?) out of the country within 24 hours?

Well, Hart flew into the country a month later and then quietly left again. Now, almost a year later, the police dunceys are now trying to access his bank records (the application was actually filed by the DPP on behalf of the dunceys). Lethargic, you ask?

Compare this with Haiti. Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier returned to Haiti after 25 years. Within 48 hours he was arrested and “charged with corruption, criminal association and the embezzlement of public funds during his 15-year rule.” A judge even debarred him from leaving the country while charges are pending.

Interestingly enough, the Haitian people and Government took cautionary steps that were not done in Trinidad and Tobago. Go figure.