2 Jan 2011

FIFA backlash or conspiracy theory?

The letter writer, John Henry, in yesterday's Express, is suggesting that the media coverage in the UK of the unfortunate Greens horrible attack and their subsequent venting of their spleen (unfortunate word) on the Tobago House of Assembly and its administration for their lack of compensation is as a result of Jack Warner and FIFA's choice of Russia over England to host the World Cup final in 2018. This may not just be a conspiracy theory.

Some people had warned about a backlash because of Warner's supposed promise of support for England, although his courteous acceptance to be wined and dined by royalty (he even gave marital advice to Prince William on his upcoming marriage) does not constitute a promise.

Some had even advised Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to get rid of him quickly as the FIFA decision against England would complicate diplomatic relations with that country.

One can only recall that when Warner was made a Minister, warnings had also been issued about it being unethical and possibly illegal for him to hold a high post in such a high profile international organisation and be a Minister in a Government of an independent State. The case for ethics was brushed aside, as it had been when he was chosen to contest the Chaguanas West seat. It was public knowledge that he was involved in controversial football issues, but perception was obviously of no concern in politics for the UNC.

Legal opinions were sought both here and abroad and they were, as would be expected, in favour of the People's Partnership government.

Now we have another development which is simply tying up FIFA with the Cabinet, which includes Mr Warner.

Russia, which triumphed over Britain in the World Cup competition, has been granted the privilege of their citizens entering Trinidad and Tobago without visas, ostensibly as tourists.

Another conspiracy theory to check out, Mr Henry.

Nikola Mitchell