28 Jan 2011

A further series of questions

I am aware that the Constitution of our great nation gives the President power to appoint persons to numerous positions on advice of the current regime, but I was unaware that these positions needed to be filled by morons. I was unaware that the positions needed to be given to the people who had the least ability and were totally and utterly unsuitable. In my humble but obviously uninformed mind, I would think most people thought these positions would be filled by the best and the brightest of our nation. We, as a small country, have brilliant minds and extremely well trained people. Some of our professionals, as I have mentioned in previous pieces, are world renowned for creating theories and being leaders in their fields. We have a huge talent pool of locally and foreign educated people who would be more than happy and are willing and eager to serve their country. But as history and the present are showing, this is sadly not the case.

Rajiv Gopie

In the matter of the appointment of Reshmi Ramnarine, one thought kept occurring to me over and over. Sure, some readers, and I, might think this is a matter that should be over with by now, but the failure of the PM to apologise for misleading the country is not merely a stalling tactic. It is an aberration of her promised mantra to “Serve the people, Serve the people, Serve the people”.

The question that keep recurring is ‘why is it that this sensitive position is not under the purview of the Public Services Commission?’

Surely, one who oversees the entire intelligence network of the country, in a high paying position is still a public servant and should be appointed by the body set up in the Constitution to oversee such affairs? Lesser positions are made, not under political nepotism and/or cronyism, but under transparency (mostly) from the PSC. Remember Stephen Williams? Despite qualifying (twice) for the job of Police Commissioner, there hasn’t much of an outcry when he failed to get the job both times. Why? Because there was an ‘independent’ body overseeing the process, the other PSC.

Now, since the Integrity Commission debacle concerning Father Plagiarism (Henry Charles), Cashing-Dead-Man’s-cheques Gladys Gafoor, Broken-Promises Zainool Hosein et al, the Office of the President (still under Wining Max) has confirmed that there have been sufficient lawyers and investigators assigned to it (the office).

The other question now becomes: “Where were these people during this latest fiasco?”

Surely, Max made independent investigations into Ms Ramnarine’s background before the appointment? If not, he is clearly just as guilty. (Yes, I know the appointment was made by Hamel-Smith). Again, surely this was not a matter of receiving a recommendation one day and appointing the next… was it?

The Office of the President has CLEARLY made the second of a well-known gaffe. Now, some may argue that the President (or Acting-President) has no choice but to follow the ‘direction’ (recommendations) of the PM. I beg to differ. This was already ‘tested’ during the Integrity Commission debacle and the Office of the President was assigned legal advisers and investigators to eliminate precisely this sort of balls up.

To put it clearly – so there is NO misunderstanding – Max is still being a fucking puppet. Everyone was so robotic they seemed to simply nod heads and rubber stamp the appointment.

Once more, this issue is MORE than a simple appointment. It is clearly a sign of the way things are being done. Nothing seem to be different from P**rick’s regime.

Not change, but exchange.