13 Jan 2011

How to reduce crash dummies

Dorsetshire, or as it is commonly called, Dorset, has for the past year been carrying out a ‘No Excuse’ campaign when it comes to traffic violations.

No excuses are accepted. The program detected (according to the BBC news on television this morning) over 17,000 violations and reduced road deaths by 50%. It is significant to note that the sustained and prolonged campaign reduced in 12 months what the police had previously failed to do in 5 years!

Even so-called minor infractions resulted in tickets, and referrals to educational programs (driver awareness) designed to increase awareness. The BBC also reported that the increase in ticketing and fines made the program self-sustaining (something that is a big issue in Monkey Island).

Examples of infractions include not wearing seat belts (17%), using cell (mobile) No Excusesphones while driving (14%), no insurance, no driving licence and anti-social driving, driving with foggy windshields (any visual impairment), defective vehicles, over laden vehicles and more.

At this time, the (brand) awareness of the program is at 93%, and the 7% surveyed who were not aware were mainly from outside Dorset.

I for one will be glad to see something similar implemented in Monkey Island. Sadly, I have little expectation beyond seeing dunceys in rum shops, chasing women for sex (even to the point of rape inside the police stations), framing and beating innocent people… the usual things that apply.