10 Jan 2011

I remember when..Future Awe

Yeah.. I remember when we were youngsters, we used to ask what would the future be like. In particular I remember asking what would be the next greatest invention and how it would affect our lives. We couldn’t see it – among my classmates back around 1975 – what would change the way we would experience life.

We just could not see the future back then – no surprised there. Facebook? No way. No way could we imagine such a thing. Internet? No hope – it just could not be imagined.

And tonight I wished my daughter ‘good night’ and ‘hugs’ – electronically! Flipping hell – I couldn’t imagine that the world would be like that. And I speak to my other loved ones 500 – 5000 miles away – like nothing. And I can even see them from that far away. No – we couldn’t see that from back then.

And tonight I can speak to 4 or 5 of my relatives from a combined distance of 10,000 miles away – all together. What a crazy world the future is.

So I’m thinking more about the world beyond the next 30 years. What’s next? I can’t wait. This is not ‘Future shock’  - it’s ‘Future awe’.