9 Jan 2011

Inhuman and degrading treatment

The European Court of Human Rights has defined treatment as ‘inhuman’ when it has been ‘applied for hours at a stretch and caused either actual bodily injury or intense physical and mental suffering’. Treatment has been found to be ‘degrading’ when it has been ‘such as to arouse in its victims feelings of fear, anguish and inferiority capable of humiliating and debasing them’ (1999 judgment in the case of T and V v UK).

All Dongkey Rockians mus’ be now wondering what dee F* dat have tuh do wid dem – wid a big cheups – as per usual. [Cheups here now – but read on].

The importance – which most are unaware of – is that the written Constitution of Dongkey Rock also prohibits similar treatment. I’ll leave Jumbie to follow up on that perhaps.

So – stop waving your placard and chanting rong dee Red House or rong S’Fdo General Hospital. Join together, document your treatment: time, date, place, person, witnesses, circumstances – and have your rights protected and/or compensated (if breached).

No – I’m not here to advise how you find the right lawyer. There are a few on the Rock who would do this work pro bono if you put the right evidence in front of them to make the case worthwhile. So – when you get real ketchass in a hospital or your relative get brutalised by the police, or your loved one treated like a dorg in St. Ann’s,  or in a prison – don’t just get angry, get even. Do it legal.