20 Jan 2011

It’s not a tap but a clout behind the head

In an incident reported here before, one Nizam Mohammed, revealed to be Chairman of the Police Service Commission, had an altercation (verbal) with two police officers. As a sign of my respect to the officers for following the rule of law, I address them in terms glowing – police officers.

Following the incident, reports were taken from both officers and duncey Nizam. But since Nizam has more clout than 2 foot patrol SRPs, (you know, something resembling police as they say) Nizam come out ahead. The recommendation to charge him under the relevant laws were totally ignored, with CoP Gibbs already learning to colour his nose – saying “said the case was closed and offered no further comment.”

It’s yet another one of the many, many incidents documents on this website where one man, and/or woman, have proven they are BIGGER than the law. Remember Hazel Rogers-Dick? Or Colin Reyes, son of Gilbert Reyes (ACP now DCoP)? The hundreds of people who spit in the face of the Integrity Commission? Austin ‘Jack’ Warner? Andre Monteil? Karamath? My fingers are tired typing, I’ll leave the list here…

In any event, once more I point out the two tier law system in place. Pray you don’t find yourself on the lower tier.