4 Jan 2011

PH, tails and bhaji

It seems that there is much ado about nothing on the taxi front. No, not the water taxis; the road taxis.

Maxi taxi drivers are intending to strike to demonstrate their ‘disapproval’ for the legalising of ‘PH’ cars. I find this a seriously dotish idea for a number of reasons.

  • There are already Private Hire cars working in many routes all over the country. Whether legal or not, they are here to stay. Without legalisation, they will continue to work – alongside the maxi taxis! –  so that, as is the present situation, maxi taxi drivers still have to compete with them. A licence will not make a difference to that competition.Birmingham Taxi It will however allow insurance to cover the passengers.

  • For the same reason, the argument that PH cars takes income away from the maxi taxis doesn’t hold much water.

  • PH cars being legalised is nothing new. England has public transport buses, black cabs and also private hire cars. The photo on the right is a private taxi and its driver.

  • PH cars in Trinidad tend to supply a demand which the maxi taxis cannot or will not fulfil. Whether working hours the maxi taxis don’t/won’t or on routes such as off the main roads, PH cars do provide a vital service. There is minimal direct impact on the maxi taxis.

Seems to me that maxi taxi drivers should have their ire raised at the drivers who have sex with little school girls, play lewd music loudly and cuss the passengers when they complain, drive recklessly and cuss the passengers when they complain, unconscionably provide a series of short trips instead of charging the lower, long distance fare…

I haven’t even mentioned the touts they hire assaulting or cussing potential passengers and members of the public when they reject the overtures made by said touts…

I am waiting to see what impact, if any, a strike would have on the legalisation protest. I foresee that they will ‘boil dong like bhaji’ and go back to work with their tails tucked between their legs.