8 Jan 2011

Political Agenda or just bovine reasoning?

Do we want more $$ for no work?

As you read this letter people of T&T, England is about to retrench 500,000 civil servants. VAT has been increased to 20 per cent. We in T&T have a job, got a minimum increase because of the financial crisis and, yet, we want to strike and protest!

Are we protesting because we have to work for 2011? Is it because we get free schooling for our children, free tertiary education, free health care and we still have our freedom? Is it that what we want is free money for no work?

Now I know we are not starving as most of us get paid overtime that exceeds our base salary and then we have our fringe benefits? So people, take a look around at those who would lead you down the path to outright poverty. Check their living standards, check their ride (car), keep a close eye on their agenda and their modus operandi.

Further to the above, wages or a wage increase should be relative to productivity, with the exception of a few in each area of the public service I have had to visit over the years. The majority need to give back part of their salary as they cannot say honestly they worked for it.

G Fitzwilliam

Diego Martin

My Response:

I wonder what is Gary's salary... that would make for an interesting perspective, as I am sure he can afford the basic necessities such as groceries, school books for kids (probably has none yet of school age though), utilities, car/petrol, house (mortgage/rent), travelling expenses for school kids because parents are going to work with the car (if they own one), entertainment, medical expenses etc., etc.

I notice those who usually flap their gums about this issue in the public forums are usually the well paid ones.

Contrast that with a Range 9 or Range 13 public servant, taking home less that $4000 per month. With that they have to afford expenses outline above for several persons in a family. Everyone knows the price of rent. Most public servants in Range 13/14 (clerical) can't even get a mortgage so renting is in the order of the day. Can you suggest an alternative to nearly $2000+ rent Gary, before other expenses start? What about having more than one child in school? Where does the cost of school books - several sets- come from? Or eyes glasses for school children or self? From the same salary! My daughter has poor vision. Her glasses has to be made in China or in Canada. The cost? $3500 every 6 months!! What lower level public servant can afford that?!

Living month to month is no joke for public servants, it is a stark reality. Many are in debt, with a necessity of taking short term loans from banks to cover emergency expenses such as sudden adverse health.

I would love to see Gary and his wife survive on $4000 a month. Until you can do that Gary, I suggest you clench your teeth, with your tongue firmly between them.