17 Jan 2011

Running Amok

Well yes – this is about another great IT tip from the master. Punch

AMOK is a little thing that you can run on your computer to organise all your photos. Why would some want to do dat?

Well here’s the scenario:

  1. You take tons of photos on your camera and you download them to your hard disk after say 3 to 6 months. Let’s me honest most of us a lazy so we don’t transfer the photos religiously everyday. Jumbie of course could be expected to be the exception – he might transfer them a year before he even take dem; so he efficient eh. Rolling on the floor laughing
  2. Right so den you want to organise them into some natural logical order into folders by Year, month, date etc.
  3. You den ketch yuh ass wid Picasa or Cyberlink to do the obvious.
  4. Eventually you do the sorting manually which is a bit of nightmare.

2011_01_17_amok_sortedYuh see me – I like dee easy route to these t’ings – so instead of running amok, I run AMOK. Smile

Right  - what AMOK will do for you? Simple - it will:

  1. sort all yuh photos into folders of your naming pattern i.e. create folders like Year > month > day etc.
  2. It will rename photos to whatever you want – but best of all name them by year_month_day_minute etc. (yes in the filename).

Yuh still eh understan’. Watch. Pi’chures taken on the 4th January 2011, will go in to a folder called 2011 with subfolder 01 with subfolder 04. And the photos will be named if you so choose: birthday_party_2011_01_04_001, birthday_party_2011_01_04_002 etc etc. But .. but hold on.. you can use AMOK to custom name your folders as you want them. A little practise wid AMOK helps eh.. because dis t’ing is not gonna read yuh mind. Smile with tongue out

Now here’s the great thing. After you sort them out – you then use Picasa to tag and arrange them into groups etc etc. But.. but they will remain in this very organised filing system as they are. A little time and effort spent with AMOK will save you hours and hours over the next year.

Look to the right to see how AMOK has generated folders. Each of those folders contain files named according to date and time etc.

Please remember that Picasa is still very useful to organise photos but it will do that without necessarily moving them around.