21 Jan 2011

A view to a s/kill

Much to comment on, so let’s jump right in:

  1. The Security Intelligence Agency (SIA) is to be headed by a former junior employee. Communications Technician Reshmi Usha Ramnarine is 31 years old, and a former graduate of John Donaldson Technical Institute who had been with the SIA for 4 years prior to being dismissed in the re-structuring process.

    Sources say Ramnarine's appointment has left a sour taste in the mouths of SIA personnel, since she lacks the educational background and expertise to run the agency which deals with intelligence gathering information and security issues with regards to the country.

    "She has no training whatsoever in the field of security and intelligence," a source said.

Rightfully, I can’t say that the article has delved deeply into the qualifications of Ramnarine. At the age of 18 or 19 (not 31) one of my friends qualified from San Fernando Technical Institute with one of the highest grades seen in the Computer Dept. He was headhunted by Clico while doing his computer studies and was offered perks at that age I’d never even thought possible… like being housed at the Hilton after working late, chauffeured cars, full scholarship to UWI (inclusive of books, computer, paper, pens etc.)  plus a salary etc. Hell, it was from him I learnt that companies offered clothing allowance! All that before he was 20.

Does this mean then that someday we may see a 30 year old duncey leading the police service? After all, the head of the SIA appears to have more responsibility in security matters than Gibbs. Why then did they seek someone with YEARS of experience as opposed to one of the younger lads fresh out from a university with a degree in criminology?

The question is not whether she has the qualifications alone, but the experience and skills along with it.

So to say that at the age of 31 Ms Ramnarine is not qualified might be stretching the truth a little. Let us wait and see what more can be dug up on her qualifications, experience and skills. Keep in mind though that there appears to be a readily qualified person made her junior:

  1. Trevor Ganpat, 33, to head the agency. Ganpat, sources say, is a senior intelligence analyst and was in charge of the Threat Assessment Group during the Caribbean Heads of Government Conference (CHOGM) held in 2009, which saw United States President Barack Obama and world leaders visit Trinidad.

    Ganpat has been attached to SIA for the past ten years and is currently awaiting results from the University of the West Indies, having completed his Masters in Criminology.

    Ganpat is also an intelligence analyst on the National Security Council.

    Two weeks ago, Ganpat and another senior analyst— Julie Browne—were given their instruments of appointment to the post of Deputy Directors of SIA.

  2. Continuing in the vein of ‘who eh go hear, go feel’ I reiterate that only when the people in positions of authority with the power to make changes feel the effects of the law breakers and bandits, will we see results in denting the crime wave. They need ‘inspiration’ to perform. I therefore feel little sympathy in this case. Maybe, like the rest of the public, I am becoming inured. With the possibility of being wrong in my mind, I speculate that he was laid low by someone he’d wronged. All grievances are legitimate in the minds of the individual with said grievances.
  3. A Teacher beats student for allegedly not following instructions during a bomb scare alert. Now, I am of 2 minds about this.
        One is that the teacher was right to attempt to enforce the rules as the life of the student could very well have been at risk. Not at the risk of personal injuries to himself though.
        The other view is that had the idiotic student been injured or killed it would have been his own damned fault and probably well deserved. The downside is that the same teacher/s might have been held culpable. Go figure.