23 Feb 2011

Anorexia fashion week!

Read and see it all in the Daily Mail 2011-02-23 on London’s Fashion week, where it is reported that “one designer, Maria Grachvogel, was forced to take in the seams on her samples because she couldn’t find any models who were a size ten, a ghost appeared on the catwalk….

It was as though I were looking in a mirror, at me aged 18, weighing 5st, about to be drip-fed on a ward in St Barts hospital. ” Liz Jones continued. I dare say she was right.

Photo at left and right are hyperlinked from the Daily Mail and full credits given to them.

Is the fashion industry instrumental in promoting these images and indirectly inducing anorexia?

I think it’s a serious issue for the models in question and for all younger and impressionable females.

Is there a code of ethics applicable to the fashion industry? Should psychiatrists be involved in working with the fashion industry to steer them onto the right path?

Perhaps it’s just me, but I really cannot see anything fashionable, beautiful or admirable about the way these people look.

Can we have at least one dissenting opinion – please.