11 Feb 2011

the battle continues–AG vs. DPP

It was with great astonishment that I read of the Director of Public Prosecutions' statement regarding Attorney General Anand Ramlogan.

Now my issue is not with the AG, but with DPP Roger Gaspard.

As a tax-paying citizen of this country, I expect that holders of high office such as the DPP and the AG do the job that they have sworn to do and are being paid to do.

Now I understand the AG cannot lay charges, so this matter rests with Mr Gaspard and his office—what is he doing?

The nation awaits with bated breath on the following matters, Mr DPP:

  1. Probe ordered by then Deputy DPP Carla Browne-Antoine since March 20, 2009, into allegations of abuse of office regarding use of inside information by then Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira and Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams regarding CLICO Investment Bank.
  2. Probe into the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd and Calder Hart since March 9, 2010, by DPP Gaspard.
  3. Investigation into the Yasin Abu Bakr affidavit: claims were first made in an affidavit in June 2006, recommended to be investigated May 2009, and DPP Gaspard has been reviewing the file since July 2009.
  4. Probe into Heights of Guanapo Church and Rev Juliana Pena: ongoing since May, 15, 2010.
  5. Investigations into CLICO/ CL Financial since January 2009.
  6. Investigation into a complaint forwarded by the Integrity Commission to the DPP since July 2010 on the issue of an application for a radio licence involving the Maha Sabha and the then Manning government.

When can we get some answers and updates on these important national matters DPP ?

Sherma Fitzwillams

I note with amusement that the conflict with these two Offices, started many years ago by former office holders (of both Offices) is clearly continuing. A lot of ‘bad blood’ is ‘openly’ viewed in the media and in public, though behind the scenes all may be friends – I don’t know.

But clearly there is some conflict, not necessarily of the personalities, but more in the overlap (or not) of the Offices. What this tells me is that the functions of either, or both, Offices has an abrasive effect in that it causes frustrations in the other, with the view that the other is not doing its job, or alternatively, that it (the other) is frustrating the administration of justice in issues that need to be expedited – or even handled –  for the public good and/or the administration of good governance.

Let the battle continue…