9 Feb 2011

Behavioural problems?

An interesting little scenario just popped up in my radar.

My nephew is 5 years old. Typical little fellow, a real handful, and rather precocious as little kids are wont to be.

He just started ‘big’ (primary) school last term and already seems to have got into some trouble. Now, much as I was, he’s a little on the scrawny (or ‘magga’ – as we say in Trinidad) side. So when a little girl started beating him up, he expressed out loud that he hated g-i-r-l-s. I don’t think I know many little boys that age who don’t actually. I know I did… until later on in life when I noticed the obvious differences.

Now that comment of his caused his teachers to send for his parents. At first I thought that a little over the top, but then… the school dropped a whole list of complaints on the poor souls (parents).

It seems my nephew does not put up his hand in class to answer questions, gets bored and stands up and walks about when the teacher is teaching, asks to see the stick when he is threatened with licks (I thought this rather bright and brave, mehself)… and get this… that when he grows up he will kill all the girls. Except the ones in his family… now this might have stemmed from the fact that he gets beat up by a girl in school. And this is not the first time… that a girl beat him up that is.

What gets me is that the school now wants to refer him to the Ministry of Education for behavioural counselling. I don’t know about readers of this blog, but it seems to me he is being exactly what he is… a 5 years old boy. Who gets beat up by girls and hates them.