20 Feb 2011

Chutney Soca and why I am a believer again

Last night, I read Wuzdescene’s take on ah Trini sign. A short while later ‘Scene pop up ah notice saying she watching the Chutney Soca monarch finals from Skinner Park in Sando. one time I ask which station, because as yuh know, some ah dem available on the Internet. Scene reply is on CTNT. Well, I does get that so I jump on de bandwagon and start streaming it one time.

Alas, I only get to see de last fella perform, ah 3 chin fella (one ah de website’s  public commenter's take, not mine) name someting like Lalchan ‘Hunter’. Aside from the fact that the man cyah sing, he try to croak out someting on he ‘Tantie Man’…

Well, my friends, I started believing in Gord same time. No lie. Fust time in about 35 years ah believe that it have a higher power.

Because nuttin else could explain the shit I see except to have a sick-arsed God playing ah joke and having a good time rolling around on he arse laughing kyeh kyeh kyeh at heself, and how he lil ‘creations’ surpass even he dotishness he had envisioned dey could get up to – free will and all.

But what get me after, is de comments that flowing like rain dong de louvres on the right side chat box. Ah jess had to take a sample ah de hate people have for each other over who rubbish better, and how ah man jacket light up like de runway. At that one, ah thought Jack eh have to spend no $84M on runway lights nah.

So without further ado: