20 Feb 2011


No dis is not some new kind of ‘care’. Stay wid me. It is the Latin word from which ‘education’ is derived.

In conversation with Jumbie dis morning I re-kindled memories of conversations I had with my masters when I was in College over 30 years go.

In essence they said to me something that shocked the hell out of me. Two of them (one the principal) said [WTTE]: ‘Your education here is not the amount of knowledge we can put into you. It is what we and you get out of you for doing all that study’. And by way of summary, they weren't talking grades.

Now remember thus far, well into my early teens – it was licks, tap up and insults to lorn t’ings by rote memory in school – and to regurgitate. That was the stupid prevailing culture. However as I moved into mid- to late-teens, I then have ‘education’ explained in a different way by these masters. The onus is then placed on me to get something out of me – not put into me. And from there on it has always affected my outlook on ‘education’. Whilst surely it is about retaining and regurgitating factual knowledge, I think the bigger more important part of education is about what they get out of you.

What they get out of you, depends on you – and where you want to be for the whole process. My masters were hard on me. And I am similarly hard on dee Jumbie and all who come rong me. Often times dey eh goin’ get a straight answer unless is some kindah gobarr. .. dey comin wid… in which case they get TTFO, in slightly more polite terms. But generally, I try unswervingly to have discussions and debate so as to stimulate curiosity and learning.

Anybody could go read a book – what you do wid dee knowledge in there is to be decided by the individual. Eef dey want to be a mere regurgitator of knowledge then they can do dat and get straight A’s in tests relying more heavily on rote memory.

However, life is not jes about regurgitating facts. It is about thinking, application of knowledge etc. I think it is more important to aim for understanding of knowledge. Now that is a far greater challenge and requires far greater study of materials. And when you study materials so hard that it impacts on your being – now that is when you begin to get something out of it i.e. the process of education. Jes to be clear – I’m not suggesting that you merely be malleable, or gullible. I’m talking about ‘baking’ the stuff you have studied. ‘Baking’ yourself in the concepts you have studied – and being willing to changed where logic dictates that you allow your being to be changed. So as always you remain in control – not merely a thing to be programmed – but you agree to live the material you study.

So daize it – as I often end abruptly at times. For more on this see: Educare is True Education.