1 Feb 2011

An ethical Dilemma 2

Part 2 of the ethical dilemma:

You’re standing on a bridge. Below you lies a pair of train tracks. Coming down the tracks at high speed is a train trolley.

Behind you, on the other side of the bridge, you know there are 5 men working on the tracks. They can’t hear or see the trolley, or you for that matter. You stand on the side of the bridge with the approaching trolley.

You notice at your side a very, very fat man peering over the side of the bridge, standing on his tiptoes. You realise if you give him a gentle shove, he will fall over onto the track where his massive body will stop the trolley and save the 5 men from certain death.

Would you choose the 5 or the 1? Give reasons for your answer.

The same rules apply. You cannot introduce any conditions beyond what I have outlined.