8 Feb 2011

Grease needed-donations accepted

THE POLICE officer who confronted former prime minister Patrick Manning lost his appeal yesterday against his dismissal from the Police Service.

Clinton Auguste was fired as a police officer following a face-off with Manning and members of his security detail at the entrance to the Prime Minister's residence at La Fantasie Road, St Ann's, in July 2008.

Auguste was fired "for discreditable conduct contrary to regulation 150 (2) (a) of the Police Service regulations 2007", on March 20, 2009.

Auguste was charged with the offence of "acting in a disorderly manner reasonably likely to bring the service into disrepute", after he engaged in a chase and intercept manoeuvre with one of the vehicles in Manning's security detail.

A tribunal headed by former deputy commissioner of police, Gilbert Reyes, suggested that Auguste be dismissed. Auguste appealed the dismissal on four grounds but lost the appeal on all grounds yesterday.

The matter was heard before a three-member Police Service Commission Appeals Tribunal chaired by Addison Khan. Martin George and Kenneth Parker were the other two members on the Appeals Tribunal.

The tribunal yesterday ruled that Auguste's appeal be dismissed and confirmed the decision of the disciplinary tribunal.

At the time this incident occurred, I advised PC Auguste to “Grease yuh bam-bam boy, and grease it well.” You see, I knew this was coming.

If you look at the charge “for discreditable conduct contrary to regulation 150 (2) (a) of the Police Service regulations 2007", you can see that the charge itself is vague and will encompass quite a number of ridiculous circumstances. Keep in mind that at the time PC Auguste was chasing an SUV that was being driven erratically at 4 AM. Further the SUV was illegally darkly tinted and had no identifying marks to indicate that it was a police vehicle.

On the other hand,P**rick brought the office of the Prime Minister into disrepute by his asinine dotish behaviour. No formal disciplinary action was taken against him, but I suppose losing the election and turning into a partial madman might be considered punishment enough.

I for one am wondering now if there is a design to keep PC Auguste out of a job, since P**rick escalated the situation into an attempted assassination. Also keep in mind that at the time Hazel Manning's statement supported PC Auguste. This is a matter of public record in the newspapers since it was printed in direct quotes.

Ah well, I hope Auguste took my advice and greased up well. Lube for a shaft up the nether hole is crucial.