10 Feb 2011

hedging and ‘henching’

The lady on the left in the picture is one Susan Francois who “was appointed as director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to save this country from being blacklisted.” [I have to confess, I don’t know who or what the blacklisting is coming from, eh. I also doh know who de pointy head fella is, but the face kinda familiar.]

Susan Francois is the former Registrar General (responsible for the department that oversees records of births, deaths and marriages).

She seems to be qualified for the post of Director of FIU…”A lecturer at the Hugh Wooding Law School, Francois holds a bachelor’s degree in law as well as master’s in corporate and commercial law.

From the articles here, here and here, I gathered that:

  • no one knows who appointed her, or  it is not clear (seems it was not done by the Public Services Commission)
  • she was not shortlisted for the job or even applied but was selected (that sounds familiar)

The question to my mind is whether there is nepotism/cronyism (or any ‘ism’) involved for her to leap over the many aspiring applicants and whether this is another Reshmi situation all over again. Rowley seem to think it is, and while I am not saying he is right, I have to wonder if the PM and her henchmen learnt anything from the last fiasco… anything except how to avoid an apology that is.

Now the AG is hedging his bets by pointing fingers at one David West who previously held this post… and who did a Monteil (you’ll have to research that on this site).

Once again, I have to point out that just because the previous regime did something (illegal or otherwise) is no cause for the PP to do the same. Especially since the AG’s deliberate pointing out of the error clearly indicates he is aware of the faux pas.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.