26 Feb 2011

the hidden agenda of the Express?

Yesterday, I left a comment on an Express article. Namely the article describing the efforts of the PP to introduce an amendment to the THE  CONSTITUTION  (AMENDMENT)  (CAPITAL OFFENCES)  BILL,  2011.

Every commentator before me was putting blame on the AG for removing the categorisation of murders and introducing an 18 month time limit to appeal to international bodies. I pointed out that it was not the AG’s fault and that these amendments were made based upon the requests of the Opposition, and I quoted the under-mentioned 3 paragraphs in support of my position.

The first change was it would accede to the Opposition's demand to remove the categorisation of murders and make all murders (including crimes of passion) a capital offence. The second amendment, Ramlogan said, would be to put a fixed time frame of 18 months for the completion of petitions to the international human rights bodies.

This, too, Ramlogan felt was unfair because the convicted murderer has no control over when these bodies choose to hear a petition. But again, he said, Government was bending over backward to meet the Opposition, "not half-way", but accepting all that they wanted.

"We are giving the Opposition all that they want...in the hope that it would inspire responsible political behaviour, in the interest of the country, to give us their support in this legislation. Instead, partisan politics seems to be playing itself out while they strangle and frustrate the nation," he said.

This morning, I think I have figured out the agenda of the Express newspaper. It is, with hardly any doubt in my mind, carrying out a subtle and not so subtle campaign to bring down the PP government. If you think I am incorrect, then watch this:


My comment has been deleted, yet again. Now, once more I point out that there was nothing rude, insulting, or in any way objectionable with my post. No bad language, no aspersions against anyone.

I am now quite convinced that posts in any way even slightly supportive of the PP are deleted and only critical posts are allowed. No one is even allowed to defend the PP when the occasion warrants, not even someone like me who ‘pong’ them when they deserve it.

Why this is happening I do not know. I think maybe the bread might be buttered on the other side. Or perhaps it is a case of sour grapes. Even if the Express initially supported Kamla for PM months ago, is it now that the newspaper and its staff are disappointed and waging a war based upon anger, spite and malice?

Whatever the reason, there is a turn in the tide. The shine has faded off the PP and now almost every hand has turned against it. The public is being manipulated through the open airing of one point of view over and over. Contrary opinions are deliberately suppressed. Brainwashing and subtle programming are the order of the day, as per Nazi tactics so effectively utilised in the past.

Lest you think I am being a bit over the top, I point out to you that a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step. To paraphrase the Lord Chief Justice:

But it is the first steps which have to be watched. The first incursion into impropriety. The first compromise with principle. The most difficult time is the first time; after that, each successive time is less difficult. The insidious dangers are no less threatening than the obvious ones, and to acquiesce in the first small, even tiny, steps, may ultimately be terminal.

Once we let our principles slide, then who can say where we will end?