18 Feb 2011

I can prove I’m censored

Isn't 'Excessive Force' a Relative Term

At 7:18 AM this morning (my time) I posted to the Express, for the second time, a condensed version of the blog from yesterday “Unqualified Donkey Droppings”. See time stamp at the bottom right of ANY page in the document above.

I had carefully edited the post, both to keep it short and also to not name names. I even left out my line on donkey droppings.

Keep in mind that this was the second time.  The first time was around 6 AM.

For some reason the Express censored my comment. The first time it was removed within 5 minutes, but the second time, it took them over 5 hours. I had an appointment so when I checked 7 hours after posting, the second post was gone. See below.

Isn't 'Excessive Force' a Relative Term_ 7 Hours 10 Minutes After

You will notice however that before the comments actually start, it does say “Comments (8)”.

My question then is this: What agenda does the Express have in censoring comments, particularly mine?

As far as I can tell, there was no one insulted or embarrassed, nor any language that was offensive. If you, dear readers, have a vision a la Pena/Yasenia/Ragoo, please enlighten me.