13 Feb 2011

Mad fowl and crack corn

You know, when Basdeo Panday fooked up his life by his natural dotishness, I was kinda hoping the entire clan would ride out into the sunset. I jess eh that lucky nah.

Kamla do ah piece ah dotishness that the whole country paying for – she bring back the junior Panday – Subhas. And like the Captain always telling me, you have to like playing with shit balls like a dung beetle to play with that level of shit.

Now, ah have to say, ah meet this man a couple times, and trust me, it ent no joy to mingle in he company. Shame ah shame to know he, ah play ah mad one time in Gatwick to escape he, oui. He stand up and bawling meh name across de line in check in, ah feel like is meh grandfather calling de fowl for the crack corn he use to feed them.

Anyway, my beef with Subhas [ah might have to call him Dung Beetle or DB from here on] rises primarily from the shit he talking in today’s Newsday. Lemme start from here:

For starters, DB called for “called for a change to the law of self-defence to allow citizens to attack bandits “with full force” and the 1967 British law, he said, is irrelevant to a criminal-infested society such as Trinidad and Tobago.”

Now, that is such ah load ah bullshit, ah could ‘lepay’ whole ah NAPA and have enough leff over for the Queens Park Savannah too… ah might even spread some in south NAPA. You might want to know what ah talking about… well, lemme tell you… but BEFORE ah start, doh forget this man is a lawyer… supposedly passing some exams and ting to show he know de law and pass a certain standard to be called to the Bar. I kinda have some doubts now, as you will see.

You see, the Preliminary part of the Constitution states quite clearly 2 things:

  1. That the Constitution is the Supreme law of Trinidad and Tobago.
  2. that “law” [as used in the Constitution] includes any enactment, and any Act or statutory instrument of the United Kingdom that before the commencement of this Constitution had effect as part of the law of Trinidad and Tobago, having the force of law and any unwritten rule of law;

What that second part means is that the Criminal Law Act of 1967 (inherited from the UK since our Constitution came into effect in 1976) is part of our Constitution. So to say it is an irrelevant British law is really… well, rolling dung. It ent British, and it ent irrelevant.

But Panday said, “I’m saying, that having regard to what happened when the bandits were attacked, the law should be changed. I’m saying that given our crime rate, the citizens should be given the power to attack with full force, any person who is inflicting violence on them in the commission of a crime.”

Now, dis not only a recipe for disaster but also a good excuse to incite anarchy. And no, ah doh think that is such a far fetched idea. because anybody could brutalise dey family, neighbour, nennen and who is to say that they wasn ‘in the commission of a crime’? Maybe Dung Beetle should go back and read The Queen v Lee William Clegg [1999] NICC 1908 and Martin v R [2001] EWCA Crim 2245 (30 October 2001). Then he might learn that defence ent so easy, and even in the heat of the moment the ‘full force’ might result in more murders and attempted murders than otherwise.

What will happen if 2 AM , some men dressed in black pounding on my door bawling police (as both duncey and tief are wont to do – and no, it eh have ah difference) and I buss lead in dey arse…?

As it stands at present, the Criminal Law Act of 1967 inherited from England, states in Section 3 (1), that a person may use reasonable force in defence of his person and property. But the Minister in the Ministry of National Security minister said yesterday that the law has become irrelevant to Trinidad, and applicable to England and Canada where law enforcement responses to criminal acts of people are within the range of five to ten minutes.

The response time of the police have nothing to do with the law, and if that is what he is griping about, as a Minister of National (in)Security, he has the power to change it. I heard in this case the police took so long to reach, people had time for a meal and a movie. And then when they finally got there, they refuse to go into the muddy lagoon to pull out the unconscious man. I eh go be at all surprise if the post mortem say he drowned, oui.

“But in Trinidad, we are under siege by the bandits and people are locked down in their homes like a jail. The time has come for the citizens, like in Penal, to be given the authority in law, to attack anyone who is attacking them and their property.”

More of the same dung fuel. “To attack” anyone who is “attacking them and their property”? Oh Gord!!!

He commented, “The incident with the villagers in Clarke Road net a 100 percent detection rate — they dealt with both criminals. But today when you telephone the police, they come the following day. Our crime detection rate is below 20 percent.”

Correction… is 3.65%. Ah shame as Minister yuh eh know dat. And remember when they say de police get 1400 plus cars so dey eh have excuse not to come? Why yuh taking it so lightly that they eh coming till de nex’ day? DAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!

Oh Gord, ah cyah continue nah. Meh head hu’ting from this ta-ta. Ah feel like a fowl in meh nana yard, like dey only giving meh crack corn and mad people…