4 Feb 2011

Pie and Mash.. part o’ dee culture!

Well if dat plate o’ pie and mash below dee connect wid Jumbie head, he wouldnah know it was part o’ English Culture!! Rolling on the floor laughing

2011-02-04 12.11.07

The Cap was at Taylor’s today in Colchester at 8 Red Lion Walk, CO1 1DX.

Dat fella, second from dee left, served the Cap today. The one on the extreme right was dey too. They were very cool.

Well dis t’ing here in dee picchure tuh dee lef’ is called ‘pie and mash’. The pie was traditionally a 19th century England working class food.

Back in the early 1800s the pie was made of eel. Well eef yuh neva eat eel doh even start.. it is very very nice. Take it from dee Cap! But later on the pie was made of minced beef. However, in the picture (left) it was steak and kidney, plus minced beef (at Taylors).

Dat sauce dat looking nearly like vomit, is actually called ‘liquor’. Jes calm dong – it eh make wid no alcoholic liquor!! Chyystt man – daize all allyuh does t’ink bout – booze and more booze. So dee sauce i’s a parsley sauce. The mash is mash potato nuh – what yuh expec’? Learn more about pie and mash. What an interesting time it must have been back in the 1800s.

Sumbody want tuh know how it tas’e. How ah go describe tas’e on a blog? The amazing thing about eating this food is the mixture of texture and flavours which are very difficult to describe. The ‘liquor’ is not overpowering in flavour but some how compliments the pie and the mash.

Anyways hats off to Taylors. Their shop is very clean, well organised, and the food comes in under 10 mins. It meets the Captain’s exacting standards of quality and service.

Well if you’re in London go for Manze, which is England’s longest standing pie and mash shop. But if you’re in Essex head straight for Taylor's. Alternatively, you could order online at Manze for delivery in any part of the UK.