21 Feb 2011

A quick glimpse of …

A few quick observations this morning, since I have a very busy day.

  1. The appointment of Susan Francois as Director of FIU may be illegal.
  2. More information is coming to light over the Nizam affair, Nizam being head of the Police Services Commission who now appears to have nearly run down a police officer exercising her duties.
  3. It seems Reshmi Ramnarine is still employed at the SIA, as it is interpreted that she did not resign from her ‘old job’ as a junior technician. As one commenter says, “…if you accept a promotion, doesn't that mean that you have relinquished your responsibilities in your former post and it has hence become vacant? Doesn't resigning from your new post mean that you resigned from the organization?

    Or is it that she would have been doing both the job of director and junior technician at the same time and resignation as director just means that she now has one job and not two?

  4. Still sticking with Reshmi, it has been revealed that the PM herself pushed for Reshmi’s appointment. We know this, but the heat is going to fall on Julie Browne, Deputy Director of the SIA, “who is still to answer why she made the recommendation for her very junior subordinate; why she breached security protocols and did not conduct the requisite background checks for her choice of candidate; why she went outside of her remit to make recommendation in the first place; why she made the recommendation to the Prime Minister and not to her line minister, Sandy, who asked her to put in the Ramnarine nomination; and most troubling of all, why she misled the Prime Minister and the Cabinet about Ramnarine's qualifications and work experience.” Yep, ‘she misled the PM’ is the story coming out, so that the PM’s defence is clear.

That’s all, I’m out of here, lots to do.