28 Feb 2011


Police dunceys holding the country to ransom... what next?

I notice they're complaining of dormitories... personally, I wonder why they would need dormitories in a small country like Trinidad (Tobago even smaller) where they can make their way home (or by the outside woman) to sleep. Is the dormitory the reason they're conditioned to lock the stations at 6 PM and sleep?

Talking about 'rats', remember the infamous P/Town station with all dem 2 legged rats?

Again, I recommend that the Prime Minister pull a page from Reagan's book and fire the lot. If anything, you have a lovely little clause used to fire one PC Auguste "acting in a disorderly manner reasonably likely to bring the service into disrepute" [s.150(2)(a)]

She can even sit in on the hearings since it won't 'influence or intimidate' the PSC.