2 Feb 2011

Serve the people

Kamla admits to mistake. So says the headlines this morning.

dominic-marco16Is Kamla taking a page out of Max's book? A superwoman she ain’t.

Kamla and the UNC faction of the PP do not yet seem to realise that after Manning's monumental ego and 'spit-in-yuh-eye' cronyism, the public is rightfully fed up. Kamla was voted in on a mantra of change and "Serve the people, serve the people, serve the people".

Because of the attitude held by the Manning regime, people are rightfully fed up, and more aware of 'missteps' by our elected officials. We are also a LOT less tolerant of these missteps.

Everything that is done now will be intensely scrutinised by a public who was FORCED to become aware. We are certainly more aware now than we were 2 years ago.

Kamla has to realised that what Patrick did met with strong disapproval. Whatever she has in mind, if it smacks of nepotism or cronyism WILL meet with disapproval. What Manning got away with, she won't.

So the excuse of 'Dem do it, why can't we?' will not fly now.

It is time to start serving the people.