13 Feb 2011


Well, dee Cap has been pretty occupied with work-related t’ings in the last week or so – and only dis morning I really had chance to take a more careful look at the Rock news papers. I’m saddened and angered by the death below. [See: Newsday 2011-02-13]

Before allyuh start up – I eh know Sabga or none ah he famaly, right!

The first thought that popped into my head was, “Well eef yuh doh get raped, buggered, shot or chopped tuh death, a crash dummy go finish yuh orf!

Ah mean tuh say – it could be any one a allyuh dong dey drivin’ yuh car and dee same t’ing could happen. Well ah could imagine a rash of Rock-logic could well be firing up right now – yuh know dee usual t’ing in dee minds of people who didn’ favour Sabga? Dee usual nuh  i.e. how he do dis and do dat and Gord let ‘im had what was comin’ tuh him. To which I immediately respond: Bullshit!! Dis is not about Gord! And nutn about Karma and all dat garbage.

The reality of life on dee Rock is dat you stand a much higher than average chance of death by crash dummy. Dat eh have nutn tuh do wid Gord. You tell Gord dat dee Captain says so – and eef s/he doh like meh saying so ‘e can come have words wid meh – or send lightin’ bolts for my ass (‘arse’ eef yuh English)!!

Right – see dat car dey, how it mash up. Allyuh now used to seein’ dem like dat plastered across newspapers and TV an’ ting. Buh hear nuh – yuh see here in Englan’ we hardly does see dem kinda scenes. Doh start up – I does do between 400 and 1500 miles per week on dee English roads (all kine – motorway, A-roads and B-roads) – and I cyah remember dee last time I see cars mash up like dat. And I over here donkeys years now eh.

Nah…nah.  Somet’ing wrong dong dey by allyuh – real bad. And yuh know yuh pardner cyah end dee blog widout throwin’ a few more wo’ds. Wait fuh it… here it is.. it comin… GO DONG!! Daize meh usual cry to all who know dat t’ings real good dong dey. And: BUILD DAT RAFT!!! – is meh odda cry fuh dozz who feel differently and bawlin dey eh have no money tuh leave.