22 Feb 2011

What chance success?

Another child has gone missing and turned up dead.

Now, I don’t know about other people, but my slant is that the PM is making empty promises. Starting with one of my much stated views: dunceys cyah ketch cascadoo in a bucket, we have to realise that actually catching any alleged perpetrator (we know not yet if there was foul play) is 3.65%.

After that, we have a judicial system designed not to frustrate the criminal but to delight him; but the frustration for the relatives is akin to another tragedy. At the end of it, we have a 1% chance of a conviction. Translated; a 0.00365% chance this family, or any other victim of serious criminal acts, will ever find closure. Does it shock you then, that out of every 1000 serious crimes, less that 4% has any chance of successful prosecution?

Unless witnesses actually see the perpetrators committing the deed like the boy beaten with a cricket bat, 2 years old Etean George Smith or Hope Arismandez, there is literally a next to zero chance of success. In the case of Akeil Chambers, where the crime was not actually witnessed there has been no progress for years.

Just another fart full of wind.