23 Mar 2011

Another sting

THE EDITOR: I am glad that Dr Chatoorgoon, MPATT, and PSA president Watson Duke have all come out and demanded proper procedure in relation to the suspension of some doctors and nurses of the SWRHA.

My questions to this “gang” of “protocolists” are:

1) Is it proper protocol to turn up for work at a public health facility from which you receive a salary but instead report for duty at a private health facility?

2) Is it proper protocol to remove a woman’s breast telling her that she has cancer and then tell her “Oops...ah sorry! Is not cancer after all!”?

3) Is it proper protocol for patients’ families to have to pay retired nurses to tidy their loved ones who are hospitalised?

4) Is it proper protocol when a doctor gives someone a “wrong injection” that is responsible for the person’s demise, to transfer that doctor into hiding to another facility, or better yet, promote him without any investigation?

5) Is it proper protocol to tell a 16-year-old girl, without doing a biopsy, that nobody her age ever gets breast cancer, and then later on tell her that her breast has to be removed because it is cancerous?

I can go on ad nauseam. Proper protocol only seems to be of import when a doctor or a nurse appears to have been wronged! What about those of us who are wronged every day in this country by doctors and other healthcare “professionals!” With absolutely no hope of redress!”

Proper protocol demands that when I show up at a health facility I am treated like the human being that I am, irrespective of my station in life. Proper protocol demands that the words of the Hippocratic Oath mean something! When last I checked it was still the Hippocratic Oath that doctors recite, not the Hippocritic Oath!