10 Mar 2011

Death by dunceys, again!

Once more, one or more dunceys opened fire in public, resulting in a death. I won’t go over how many times this blog has documented cases that the dunceys have abused their power/duties/duty of care.

This, like many other shootings, will NEVER be accurately solved, nor fully accepted by the public - regardless of what the police dunceys say.

For years, I have been advocating that dunceys be sent out unarmed and in short pants, and a totally INDEPENDENT watchdog/Commission be set up to investigate police. The current system remains police investigating police and we know how that goes.

For that matter, the investigators of the INDEPENDENT Commission need to be sourced from outside the duncey service... in other words, no retired dunceys. Hire some bright sparks and provide full training outside of the duncey service.

This is certainly an area which, if set up by the PP will win them kudos and may make a big difference in their ratings. Will they do it? Hardly likely.