27 Mar 2011

File shut, case closed

The Nizam Mohammed debacle raises its ugly head once again. For those who coming into the dance late, the band played a tune called ‘I bigger and badder than you’; now the band has moved on to ‘My race in power, screw you’. Of course, since Nizam getting things ass backwards, I am tempted to rename him this morning to Mazin.

In any event, this post is about situations where the file was shut and the case closed, so let’s get into the list of recent issues.

  1. The Mazin issue with 2 SRPs. File shut, case closed.
  2. No case against P**rick for making a land deal with Yasin Abu Bakr. File shut, case closed.
  3. The Reshmi Affair (aka ReshmiGate). File shut, case closed.
  4. The investigation into the SIA and missing files. File shut, case closed.
  5. A promised Cabinet reshuffle fails to materialise. File shut, case closed.
  6. A baby died still born, the Chairman of the NCRHA saying it’s ‘pre-existing medical conditions’, and setting up file shut, case closed.

Now, there are plenty, plenty cases of file shut case closed, like the land deal with Shermie, the non-testimony of Shermie, the Andre Monteil affair, the many murder investigations gone awry… but in the end, as usual, I will be farting in the wind. Like the examples above, I going now. File shut, case closed.