31 Mar 2011

keylogging software on Samsung Laptops

As far as accusations go, this one against Samsung could damage the company’s reputation beyond repair. The accusation is that one person has purchased two different Samsung laptop computers and both had keyloggers installed on them. In the first instance a consumer, while setting up his new Samsung laptop, installed a paid commercial security software on his new system. During the first scan the security program found two instances of a keylogger called StarLogger. The keylogger software was located in c:\windows\SL diretory.

What is most disturbing about StarLogger software is that it records every keystroke on the computer — including computers that are password protected. The software can then call home with all of the details it has collected for any of your personal information. This personal information could include all of your emails such as your address book, any document you create on the system, the Web pages you visit, any usernames or passwords you use, and possibly even more.

It does get better. The person who owned the infected computer developed display issues and returned the unit to the store he bought it from. He opted to get a more expensive Samsung laptop and guess what? The same keylogger in the same directory was found on the second Samsung laptop.

It gets even better. According to the article, Samsung representative admits the company has been including the keylogger software to monitor performance of the machine. The information collected also shows how the computer is being used.

Wow! I find this very hard to believe. I think that Samsung has dug itself a huge hole that it may not be able to dig out of. Consumers are going to avoid any Samsung computer if they suspect that the system is being monitored — no matter what the reason.

Yet another reason I stick with Acer or HP.