23 Mar 2011

Now the mark buss!!

Well – dis story about Chrystal Boodoo-Ramsoomair have far to go. We eh sparing no space on dis blog for dat story.

When you hear the words uttered by Dr Jehan Ali in video below you might get a whiff (or not) of why the Ministry of Health reacted in the way they did. Take it een nuh.

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Yuh eh get it – bet yuh? Leh meh spell it out tuh allyuh in language yuh could take een: dey bamsee making sweet eye up in dee Ministry!!  Ah sure yuh understand meh meanin’ now. Why dey bamsee makin’ sweet eye? Easy:

  1. Dr Ali was former head of O&G at SGH.
  2. He is known to be a man who speaks his mind (jes like dee Cap of course – ah like dee fella too bad).
  3. How many patients end up deading when their obstetrician is on the scene and begging to help save dey life? I never hear bout dat in meh whole life.
  4. When they operated they found 3 litres of blood in dee woman abdomen.
  5. There was some suggestion that there was a shortage of blood (for transfusion).
  6. Why all the delay in getting the woman operated on to sort out the bleeding?

Well is real kangkalang. Dis story eh going away. It jes like dee Reshmi story. When I smell ah rat, there is a rat. Well I predicting now the following:

  1. That doctors will be criticised heavily.
  2. Nurses will be criticised.
  3. The Ministry of Health will come in for a beating – if the investigation is truly independent and free of political interference.
  4. A Minister of Health will eat humble pie.
  5. Doctors will have to bat in dey crease.