29 Mar 2011

One KIK ass app!!

Well, here’s another story – as usual you have to wait a  bit. Nothing comes easy wid dee Cap. When the Cap was using Skype and barking at the likes of Jumbie, no one was listening. Here we go again. Now the Cap is barking about KiK – it go take a few two years to catch on – watch yuh go see. I’m so ahead of my time eh – I can’t believe it myself sometimes.

Now catch up or not on KiK!! Yes – yuh cyah read or what, KiK. Yuh want one or wot? Smile Yes – it works on nearly any phone even if it doesn’t have Kik – how yuh like dat.

Click dee pictchure below and load dis on yuh HCD (aka handheld computing device). And guess what you can use dis t’ing wid any phone too.


Oh and get this Blackberry is so concerned about this app, that they are delaying messages to BBM by one hour!! This thing is hot!!