27 Mar 2011


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I don’t presume that people on a Rock close tuh your heart will care anything for what is said in England by English Judges. After all, allyuh in allyuh banana republic see or are made to see the Privy Council as a foreign organisation – but the Caribbean Court of Justice that is headed by a Privy Council Member is not.

The reality – and allyuh know I go on about reality – is that it matters not a great deal, where a court sits or what system of justice operates. The flexibility of English Law never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday the Captain heard about a court sitting with an appellant on a wall. The court took evidence on the wall!! Yes ‘wall’ – you cyah read or what?

There are some fundamental principles of justice that must be adhered to. The principles are carved from the heart of the human soul. To disrespect them – in law or any other system is to create ‘a disturbance’ in the ‘soul’. Principles of fairness – are so fundamental, at times that they are difficult to put into words.

However, we are gifted with minds like Lord Neuberger – I am thankful for his words of wisdom and ‘light’ into a dimly lit area. You may look away now – sure, yuh have dorg tuh bathe and pot to tu’n – yuh t’ink I doh know? Dee Captain knows how busy allyuh is, foraging for food, limin’ on beaches, suckin’ coconot and chasin’ wo/man. Oh and duckin’ and divin’ from stray penis – how could I forget.