26 Mar 2011

Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1

In addition to Jumbie’s recent discovery of the SGS2 – on the back of my hooting about it on 2011-03-19, check out the Galaxy Tab 10.1 below. This is the bigger version of their Tab 7 (which is bigger than both SGS1 and SGS2).

Many closet technophobes and middle-road technophobes, will be thinking, “Why would I need all that?” – so as to justify not expanding their horizons. The amazing thing about these devices, is that you only discover how much of the ‘world’ opens up to you when you have them in hand and begin to use them.

The SGT10.1 above has got all that’s on the SGS1, SGS2, SG Nexus etc etc – but it’s got more and can do far more. All technophobes with their concealed panic attacks will go “But how easy are they to use?” – and you sense their anxiety in that question, don’t you? The reality is that Samsung has really made these devices so simple and intuitive, they’re a dream come through.

You see how quickly the screen moves. It’s a funny thing, that when you first get your Samsung device you’re kinda expecting it to freeze up, for the screen to judder or something to crash. And then after a few hours, you realise “This is for real!!!.. It doesn’t crash, hang or do anything strange” - like you might expect with some kind of Microsoft device.

Check how well ahead the thinking is on these devices (see video below):

Errhhh.. .yesssss…you need an internet connection to work these devices. You can’t get the fully monty on these phones without access to internet. Three.co.uk has been brilliant with this – their all-you-can-eat – internet access is simply the best. I now don’t need home broadband since my phones broadband is double the speed of ‘wired’ broadband.

The Cap has souped up his SGS1 with the latest Darky’s ROM (for SGS1 only). Technophobes and technoilliterates will think, “Things for geeks”. Darky has made upgrading ROM’s sooooh easy it’s unbelievably simple. You just download the latest ROM onto the SGS1. You click a Darky ROM Configurator and bingo in about 5 min the whole thing is updated. And get this – you don’t have to reinstall all your apps. Everything works – it just works!!

Yesterday I upgraded to Darky’s ROM 9.4 – and get this – the Quadrant benchmarking score has shot up to 1,917. That’s double the speed of what the phone was. The score beats Samsung Nexus (which would normally be at the top) by about 500. No this is not overclocking the chip. This chap Darky is a wizard and what he and his team have done is to tweak the Android OS so that it runs more efficiently. One important part of the tweaking is to use a new EXT 4 file system (yes Android is Linux for those who didn’t know).

Never thought I’d see this quality video games on a ‘phone’.

Get ahead of the race – take charge of your world from your handheld computing device (HCD). Yes – you can even access and control your home computer from your HCD (easily).