10 Mar 2011

Shit Transplant - cutting edge treatment.

Well, this is no joke. You’ve probably heard of heart transplant, kidney transplant and liver transplant.

Now you’re probably thinking, “What’s the Cap up to now?” Well  this article can help in two ways:

a) You’ll learn much about shit.

b) You could lose some calories either vomiting or missing a few meals.

As funny as it sounds this is truly about ‘shit transplant’! Yes – it is about taking shit out of one person and putting it in another person. “And why pray tell would anybody want to do that?!!” – yuh hold yuh nose and  scratch yuh cocoa-scorpion head wondering.

Right – shit transplantation is about treating various kinds of bowel problems that are caused by altered gut bacterial flora. Some people with chronic diarrhoea syndromes have responded remarkably to the treatment where all kinds of antibiotics have not worked.

Those in in the UK may listen to the BBC Podcast on this (some in other countries may not have access). Those who do not have access to the podcast may learn more here at The Scientist and Internal Medicine News. This treatment has been around from the 1950s but has only recently been re-discovered.

In essence the procedure involves liquefying faeces from one person, filtering it, screening it for transmissible diseases etc and then injecting it down a nasogastric tube into the small intestine of the recipient. The results of the procedure are seen practically over-night. People feel better – bowel symptoms relieved permanently (from early recent reports).

Any volunteers? Well – hear what – if you get caught ‘talking shit’, you could just say you had an incomplete transplant procedure and blame yuh doctor!!! Jumbie, doh even t’ink about it!