14 Mar 2011

TT Express wages war against Jumbieswatch

Opinion expressed by Captain Walker and Jumbie have been clearly targeted for removal on several occasions. We’ve been carefully tracking this situation.

We have been careful to use no abusive, offensive, or inflammatory language. In fact we use the language of the people. Perhaps the forums editor of the Express doesn’t like his country being referred to as ‘Monkey Island’ – and takes personal offence to that. However, in the grand scheme of things others have written far worse that hasn’t been targeted. Or maybe dey doh like dee word ‘dunceys', or ‘rear parts of anatomy’.

I’m in Bristol as I speak – and have taken time out to put this down in something of a rush. I have reason to think now that the TT Express is unnecessarily and disproportionately restricting our Constitutional rights. (Read yuh Constitution).

Jumbie had responded to someone in relation to this article: Rape suspect dies after shoot-out with cops.

And once more !!! The turd rises.
Breds, criminals have to pay, but when dunceys in the mix, I take everything with a ton of salt. You on the other hand, like a brainwashed buffoon, believing everything you read.
Leh we examine the article... the man was wanted. that ent mean to say he guilty.
Secondly, even IF he was guilty, he is entitled to a trial. Not an execution. Yeah, yeah, he wasn't executed. he was shot running AWAY, while firing back at the dunceys. Ho hum...
But the problem with Monkey Islanders (where justice is blind, deaf and dumb, hence the name) is that allyuh ent have patience with the rule of law or any such ting. Bang bang, problem solved.
Forgive meh if I not too impressed wither with your attitude or your intellectual offering.”

I then respond:

I agree with Jumbie. Nobody is saying that criminals should not be brought to justice. However, does the dire crime situation on Monkey Island dictate that the proper application of the law be suspended - so as to inflict the common man's form of do-it-yourself (DIY) justice? If so speak up clearly and write to your MPs that you want the law of the land to be suspended so that everybody could walk rong wid dey gun and sack, or cutlaash or whateverrr.. and do as dey please.
I doh believe dat duncey force have such sharp shooters that the could pump so accurately 6 pieces of lead into a man's chest who is reportedly running away from them. Dat means deese coppers are sharper shooters dan dey have in America - come nah man - doh make joke wid a serious matter.
The matter of DIY justice being forced upon the government recently showed itself in Section 6M of the Capital Offences Bill. In essence the unthinkable - breaching every fundamental principle of justice - was attempted to be made law i.e. a serious curtailment of the access to justice and gross interruption of the process of justice. And for the uneducated justice doesn't stop at sentencing. Go read about it.
But my point is not about henging people or shooting dem dong before dey are brought to trial. My point is that the very fundamental principles of justice are at risk of being torn up and thrown away, be it in the chasing and shooting of a suspect, to the interruption of justice for those sentenced to hang.
That stinks! You cannot and ought not to jes tear up the principles of justice wherever you choose for the purposes of expedience. That is to take Monkey Islanders back to a pre-historic era - of the cave men perhaps. However, since I doh live on allyuh chupid rock, eef daize what allyuh want, go for it man! But remember when you create a system of your liking you gotta live wid it when it come rong to serve you - eh? So - you eh go complain eef bullet wrongly hit you in the rear parts of your anatomy when chased wrongly by the baying mob, and you eh go struggle when dee noose is wrongly put rong your neck. May peace be with you, breds.”

Next ting some body called takebacktnt responds:

First off Captain Walker, your attempt to hide your identity with colloquialisms doesn't work. Its obvious you're a well read and intelligent person. If so, then just write like one and stop trying to bring yourself down to the level of us "Monkey Island" people as you so quaintly also called us. Trust me. We can understand proper English too.
Second. When the laws of a country are no longer sufficient to protect its citizens then the laws must be adapted to suit the circumstances. It's obvious that the laws of T&T are antiquated and so far out of sync with the nouveau criminals we're dealing with that they NEED to be changed. The trick is to make sure the same laws don't, as you put it, turn around and "..come rong to serve you.." Although i believe you were trying to more likely say ".. bite you on the butt.."
I agree with you, however, about the interruption of justice. Especially in cases where hangings are concerned. These cases go on for much too long. That is a black mark on our justice system. However, I am eternally grateful that we still have access to the Privy System. On many occasions it has worked in favour of the innocent when justice has been rushed to either appease the population or, in many cases, local justice was coloured by the "ole boy network" in favour of someone who shouldn't have won locally. I should know. The Privy Council saved my mother from a stupid decision with a tenant once. She had to take him all the way there before she got justice.
I get what you're trying to say, but both you and Jumbie seem to be missing an important point here. He wasn't shot in the back running away. He was shot in the CHEST. This means he was facing the police. Since they claim he fired at them (and one assumes he was facing them to aim properly) this actually supports their view of the shooting.
You're right. Everyone is entitled to go through the justice system. However, please don't fool yourself. There is a new breed out there for whom taking a life has as much meaning as throwing away a piece of paper. And they DO shoot at the police.
Their teenage image of immortality gets bolstered and falsely inflated when they have a gun in their hands. They all believe they're Sniper. They don't seem to realise that in the movies someone yells "CUT" and everyone happily goes off to lunch.

Next t’ing – I check dis morning and the thread except for dohtish responses gorn!! Jes so.

Well in brief – because I eh have time tuh was’e today, takebacktnt needs to take a dose of intelligence. Because a man is shot in the “CHEST” means he was “facing the police”? Oho – so he couldn’ ah been shot in the back of he ches’ or dee side o’ he ches’ or all different sides o’ he ches’. Dis is dee kind of dohtish t’inking I does have tuh put up wid. Den I’m advised not tuh fool mehself. Eh heh? Who foolin’ who self?

So as a say I eh have time today to deal wid idiots – busy day ahead. Donkeys on dat rock could justify anyt’ing. As for my annoying use of colloquialisms – I intend to keep on doing dat as bad as it is. I could talk in any language I choose – it matters not. The language of logic is stable whatever the form of words.