23 Apr 2011

Come again?

I would like to say a million thanks to Dr Dan, Dr Bascombe, the female anaesthetist and also the female doctor (name unknown) who took me to the washroom late in the night, and the rest of Dr Dan's surgical team who assisted in some way or other in making my surgery on April 4 a success.

I would also like to say thanks to Dr Julien Charles (Accident and Emergency), radiographer Vasha Binda, and the nurses and cleaner of Ward 7 Surgical.

I know the suffering at San Fernando General Hospital, but it was the first time I got excellent service.

Thanks very much, and do keep up the good work.

R Binda


Does your last name Binda, and that of the radiographer being the same, have anything to do with the 'excellent service' you are praising? Just asking... you know in Trinidad, is still 'who you know' that determines service.