24 Apr 2011

The crime fighting arsenal–nothing compares

SEVERAL exercises along the East-West corridor by police resulted in the arrest of 68 people and the seizure of a quantity of marijuana and ammunition. The exercise began in Port of Spain on Holy Thursday when officers from the Port of Spain CID locked down the old drag mall along Henry, Frederick and Queen Streets.

Twelve persons were held by police in connection with outstanding warrants and on robbery charges, while a 52-year-old woman was held driving a vehicle without a valid driver's licence.

The exercise, which was coordinated by Snr Supt Glen Hackett and supervised by ASP Ajith Persad, involved Insp Harvey Jawahir, Sgt Mervyn Edwards and Cpl Andre Lopez and officers from the CID Criminal Records Office and the Port of Spain Division.

When I read this, I had a few thoughts just flew unbidden into my mind. Like this one:

"Our day-to-day experience of over-promoted, incompetent, idiotic, serving and retired TTPS senior officers within our own organisation will have illustrated to you all the incredibly low calibre of those leading the main law enforcement agency on the island, (the Lions led by Donkeys)," Jon Mattick

Then was… how is this news? This is a regular occurrence during any holiday in TnT. Although I suppose dunceys are always good for a laugh and a WTF… a space filler in other words. Drivers should expect this by the way. Also walk with a little pocket change to help their cause.

Following that was roadblocks, on holidays no less, appear to be the ONLY weapon in the crime fighting arsenal of the dunceys. Well, I discounted beating a man into a confession since that is really an illegal act that they pay dearly (financially, eh) for. I wonder where in the 3.65% solve rate for crime does the road block statistics count?