28 Apr 2011

Just my take–or losers and losers

HDC (less well known as Housing Development Corporation) has bulldozed nearly 50 acres of food crops in D’Abadie. This is half of the area scheduled to be cleared for approximately 800 houses.

Today, farmers are protesting and threatening to raise prices to make the public feel the pinch.

"Personally, I would like to see food prices increase by 500 per cent". [President of the Sheep and Goat Farmers' Association Shiraz Khan. ]

This is so wrong on many levels.

Yes, the farmers were illegally occupying the land, and yes, they were given cease and desist notices. Apparently they were also given recent notices sometime in March 2011 as well, according to HDC Chairman (Chairwoman?) Jerlean John.

So 50 acres of food crops, nearly ready for harvest have been crushed under the tracks of the bulldozers. A waste, surely. Still, illegality in any form should not be condoned and the Government (via HDC) appear to have the law on its side in this one. Regardless, it is a severe lost to farmers and a lesser but serious loss to the public.

On the other hand, there is a desperate need for housing, and the 800 or so houses will certainly help. Now with the order to stop the bulldozing coming from PM K P-B herself, the project is on hold.

At the moment, the farmers have lost, the public is losing in food as well as housing. The only winners are the writers who have something to write about.