29 Apr 2011

A little word here and there


The photo on the left shows one Dane Sarzano, who is attached to the San Fernando Court and Process Office. A police sergeant who appeared in court yesterday, charged with having sexual intercourse with a teenage girl without consent, … In other words a duncey who is also dunce.

Now, I don’t know when a girl of 15 could give consent, either before or after the fact. The girl is 15, below the statutory age of consent. Her consent is not required nor can it be accepted, so I find that the wording of the charge is a little bit suspicious.

It is passing strange that he is not charged with statutory rape. Also, since the girl reported the rape, he is not even charge with rape or attempted rape. ‘Sexual intercourse without consent’ seems to be a setup for him to walk free.

I have pointed this dotishness with the wording of charges and the likelihood of the defendant walking before, and have been correct. Anyone remembered my predictions when Sherman McNicolls was caught driving for 2 months without insurance??