16 Apr 2011

The mating season approaches..

Yep.. the Cap has been swanning arong dis here country – called the UK – watching whuh goin orn. Every year that passes, seems to bring more and more intrigue.

As Summer approaches, we have a rash of young couples ‘arm in arm’, tongue in each odda mouth etc etc – parading the streets – the shopping centres etc etc. Now – jes get dis right – dee Cap is no ‘prude’! I doh have nuttn against people showing dey affection in private or in public – so doh start! The only proviso is that it be lawful and morally acceptable. Ah mean there is no reason for swallowing tongues in front of small children – for example – so let’s have a bit o’ discretion about dis.

It’s nice to be in love or in lust or wha’everrrrr yuh wanna callit. I eh have a problem wid dem tings. However, with each passing year – I wonder to myself,  “What’s it all about?”  No – I not saying you have tuh worry about any o’ dis. You could jes let yuh loins do as it want – yuh doh have tuh t’ink about any o’ dis.

But what keeps coming to my mind is ‘Is this part of a bigger picture?’. Ah mean okay – we could do dee loin ting – produce chirren, we grow dem up, den we dead and dis cycle keeps goin on. Until when? Ah mean wha’ is the point of all dis.

Look doh start wid yuh religion t’ing please. Ah cyah take it. Ah cyah believe Gord have so much blasted time to was’e – tuh si’dong an’ watch we mating and dying over and over and over and over, again and again .. and punish we for dis dat and dee odda.

So as dis mating season begins to hot up, dee Cap has many questions on he mind – again. Ah think dat there is more to ‘love’ dan jes dat buzz we see goin’ orn out dey. Yuh know all dee chumpkayin and t’ing nuh.

I eh know man – ah t’inking about all dis. We go see. Winking smile